GM Pro+

Our GM pro+ is setting a new standard for Tall fescue/blue grass sod. This tall fescue plus blue grass blend uses only rhizomatous tall fescue varieties that are unmatched for sod quality combined with the very best bluegrass varieties. GM pro+ sod provides greater density, dark color and fine leaf texture in a blend that will thrive in nearly all conditions. In addition to having rhizomatous tall fescues in this blend (this is a fancy word that means its spreads and self repairs) it also has one of the top ranked bluegrass varieties mixed in with it. The bluegrass is this blend is highly tolerant to traffic and tops the charts in all aspects of sod quality. We have simply taken the best available tall fescues and mixed it with the best available bluegrass to provide our customers with a very unique sod that is not only beautiful but will be an amazing fit for a huge variety of applications. We have spent the last 30 years searching and selecting the best varieties for our customers and this is our latest and by far our greatest tall fescue selection combined with the best bluegrass money can buy. It does not matter if it’s a home lawn, an athletic field or on a golf course you cannot go wrong with this great combination. GM pro+ is offered as a netted and non-netted sod to make it even more adaptable for any sod job.