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Innovation Zoysia

We are selling our Innovation Zoysia at a special rate for the summer. Call the office and get a quote today!

Tahoma31 en route to Purdue. BOILER UP!

We are sending 16 loads of Tahoma31 thick cut Bermuda grass to Purdue this week. Boiler up! 

Tahoma31 Race Track makes debut at Kentucky Derby

Our Tahoma31 bermudagrass made its debut at Churchill Downs over the weekend for the much anticipated Kentucky Derby. We are incredibly pleased with how well this project turned out. 

I'm gonna live where the green grass grows..

Our GM Pro is thriving with all this rain and sunshine. Call and get pricing today before the summer heat hits! 

Introductory sale on Innovation Zoysia**

Innovation Zoysia has a huge advantage over other zoysia varieties due to its extreme cold tolerance and disease resistance. It is an ideal turf not just for golf courses, but for home lawns as well due to its durability, drought tolerance and beauty.  The name says it all, it is so much better than the older varieties of zoysia that it is truly an Innovation.
Characteristics and features: dark green color, medium to fine texture, rapid growth...

KENTUCKY DERBY UPDATE: Tahoma 31 on the turf track is ready to go!

Bring on spring!

We are loving these spring like temperatures this week on the farm.
We are harvesting sod so if you are needing any please give the office a call at 888-SODFARM.
We are currently open Monday through Friday 8:30-2:30pm. 

Winter Hours**

Happy New Year!
We are looking forward to another great, busy year ahead. With winter officially in full swing, we will have NEW hours of operation. We will be open Monday through Friday 8:30-2:30pm. We are still harvesting sod (weather permitting).
Please call our office at 888-SODFARM if you have any questions! 

All I want for Christmas....is a beautiful yard!!

We have had a lot of phone calls into the office asking if it is "too late" to sod your yard...the answer is NO! 
Call and get a quote today 888-SODFARM

COMING SOON...IronCutter Bermuda!!

Mountain View's IronCutter Bermudagrass will be available at GrassMasters Sod Farm in 2022.
"IronCutter is a F1 hybird, highly sterile, and was born and bred in Oklahoma by the legendary Dr. Charles Taliaferro!" Mountain View Seed
"With elite Spring Greenup scores, it displays excellent sod density, and retains its vibrant green color, persisting with elite turf quality trials where competition can't cut through. IronCutter is the newest, best...