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Knocking out the biggest week of the summer!

We are cutting over 1000 big rolls of Northbridge and Tahoma31 Bermuda grasses for the Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals, and Park Mammoth City Golf Course in Kentucky this week alone.
Our harvest crew has been starting early and ending late every day. Our drivers and outside haulers are running loads all day long. Our fields are being watered and mowed daily.  Not to mention all of the sod and sprigs being harvested for installs, delivery...

GM Pro Mega Rolls

The weather is beautiful. Now is the time to make your yard beautiful too! Call our office today for a quote 888-SODFARM 

Rose-Hulman Athletic Field Sprigging

Another great grow-in by John Walton and his crew at Rose-Hulman. The dark green color of the Tahoma31 turf looks fantastic and its performance matches. From a June 16th sprig planting to full coverage at six weeks and ready to play on turf by eight weeks. Cannot say enough about the Tahoma31! More Tahoma31 athletic fields and golf course renovations to be posted soon.